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Today, March 24, marks two years since the death of Bill Rieflin, one of the industrial scene’s most beloved figures – a prolific and accomplished musician whose work transcended the boundaries of genre. Among his closest compatriots is Chris Connelly, who continues to pay tribute to Rieflin’s memory with a new EP, Largo 22. Three of the EP’s four tracks see Connelly re-recording songs from Largo, the highly acclaimed collaborative effort between him and Rieflin, with Connelly explaining, “The mood of these four songs is decidedly funereal, processional, modeled after the original ‘Largo’ song, based around a metronome.” Like the original album, Largo 22 can be considered a collaborative effort, with the revision of the title track centering on a new autoharp arrangement, the instrument having once belonged to Rieflin and now living in Connelly’s studio; as well, he states, “Bill was with me when I did this – in my dreams, helping with chord decisions… he even got me up at 1:00am one morning to figure out a new chord sequence for ‘The Call Girls.'”

The EP also features “Largo’s Prayer,” a brand new song composed by Connelly in memoriam of his friend and band mate; although bearing a similar title, this is a different composition from the “Prayer” single released in 2020, also in dedication to Rieflin. Like the “Prayer” single, all proceeds from the Largo 22 EP will be donated to the Floyd & Delores Jones Cancer Institute of the Virginia Mason Clinic, where Rieflin had been receiving treatment before succumbing to cancer on March 24, 2020, little more than a year following the death of his wife, painter and Seattle art punk rocker Francesca Sundsten, on March 9, 2019. To date, fans have donated over $2,000 to the institute; Connelly also encourages fans who make their own tax-deductible donations to contact him with their receipts in order to receive free download codes for Largo 22, the “Prayer” single, and a third digital-only release of their choosing from his discography.


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