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After four well-received EPs over the course of two years, the Chicago industrial/alt. rock collective known as The Joy Thieves will be at last releasing a full-length album via Armalyte Industries. “Troubled times make for troubled art,” states the prominent record label, stating that the new album “finds the band in violent, acerbic form.” While past outings have featured several different vocalists on each track, American Parasite will be fronted by the legendary Chris Connelly, who describes the album as “Everything I wished I could have done with MINISTRY… it’s like being hosed down with lava.” Nonetheless, the album will feature a myriad of guest “thieves” joining the ranks of the band’s eclectic lineup, including drummers like “Big Paul” Ferguson (Killing Joke) and Joe Haggerty (The Effigies), guitarists John Haggerty (Naked Raygun) and Chris Haskett (Rollins Band), and songwriters Scott-David Allen (A Covenant of Thorns) and Grant Sutton (Jumpsuit), along with founding members Dan Milligan and Matthew Clark (both of Mary’s Window), and many others – “one a thief, always a thief.” With the opening title track now available to preview, along with a music video shot by regular collaborator Joel Lopez of Lumbra Productions, American Parasite is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp in digital and CD formats; the album will be released on July 23.



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