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Book CoverOne of the most prolific figures in music today, Chris Connelly has announced via his website the release of a new book, titled The Heart Has to Ache Before It Learns to Beat. Featuring a foreword by friend and fellow Scottish musician Shirley Manson, the book compiles numerous works of Connelly’s poetry and lyrics spanning his extensive solo discography, as well as the myriad bands he has participated in, including MINISTRY, Revolting Cocks, Cocksure, and more. Additionally, the book is dedicated to artist Francesca Sundsten, wife of longtime associate and band mate William Rieflin (King Crimson, KMFDM, Pigface, MINISTRY), who had passed away earlier this year. Coming two decades after his last poetry volume, 1999’s Confessions of the Highest Bidder, The Heart Has to Ache Before It Learns to Beat is due for release on November 11 via Shipwrecked Industries, with ISBN and pre-order links to be available via Chris Connelly’s website in early November.
In addition, Connelly will be releasing a new solo album, titled Sleeping Partner, via Armalyte Industries on the same date, November 11; this marks the artist’s third release with the prominent U.K. based imprint, not counting his appearance on the debut This Will Kill That EP from industrial/rock collective The Joy Thieves. More information on Sleeping Partner will be announced as it becomes available. Earlier on September 2, the Death It to Love EP was released via No Devotion Records; spanning five tracks constructed in an improvised manner from various incomplete tracks and samples recorded on location in galleries, outdoor spaces, Death It to Love is available digitally and in a cassette edition limited to 180 copies worldwide, available to purchase via Bandcamp.

Tour BannerWith Pigface embarking on its first tour in 14 years, Connelly will also be once again taking to the stage with the industrial “supergroup” for three dates in Cleveland (November 15), Detroit (November 16), and Chicago (November 30). Tool drummer Danny Carey will also be a guest performer on the Chicago date, as well as in Minneapolis the preceding night (November 29). A full listing of Pigface tour dates and participating musicians can be found on the Pigface Facebook page, as well as Martin Atkins’ website, with various ticket packages available.
As if that weren’t enough, No Devotion Records is also teasing a new project called NUKES, of which Connelly is listed as a contributor. With the only hints of what the project has to offer coming by way of a brief teaser video, NUKES will also be featuring the talents of EN ESCH (<PIG>, Pigface, ex-KMFDM), Erie Loch (Primitive Race, Blownload, Wiccid), Tony Young (Autoclav1.1), Martin Bowes (Attrition), Brian Hodges (The Blue Hour), H.F. Mino, Roberto Mendoza (Panoptica), Joel Pérez (Flesh Vomit), Jose Javier MoDelevsky, Mikel Andrew Vot (Electrovot), Marc Martinez (Larva), and No Devotion Records founder Mario Alberto Cabada (Bolaspace). More information on this project will be announced as it becomes available.


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