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Album CoverHaving long established himself as one of the most in-demand guitarists in modern music, Mark Gemini Thwaite’s ever growing list of collaborations now finds him on his latest single as MGT working with the celebrated Chris Connelly. A cover of 1975’s “How Long” by British group Ace, the duo infuse the soul classic with their own brand of darkly electrified rock, with the exchanges between Thwaite’s gritty and powerful guitar and Connelly’s emotive Bowie-esque croon making for a dynamic rendition; the original track “Covert” is also featured as the B-side, with Thwaite hinting that he and Connelly are cooperating on more material for a possible album or EP that will also include Killing Joke drummer and regular MGT associate “Big Paul” Ferguson. “I have really enjoyed working with and getting to know Mark,” Connelly states, commenting on the pair’s compatibly similar musical sensibilities and enjoying the challenge of approaching the ’70s classic. Similarly, Thwaite explains that he had long been a fan of Connelly’s work in Revolting Cocks, MINISTRY, and Damage Manual and had worked with him briefly in Primitive Race, “so this has given as a chance to reconnect in the studio once again. He’s done a fantastic job!” The “How Long” single is available now to purchase on Bandcamp; it marks the first new material from MGT since the February 2018 release of the Gemini Nyte sophomore album, which was primarily a collaboration with The Awakening’s Ashton Nyte.


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