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Northern New Jersey industrial/metal act CHMCL STR8JCKT has released a new music video for the track “Black Culture” off the band’s latest album, WRTCHD THNGS. Directed by Katana Visuals, “Black Culture” was filmed at the Milk Street Distillery – appropriate to the song’s story about a man who uses vodka numbs the pain of having killer his lover; based in Branchville, NJ, the distillery makes Black Vulture Vodka and serves a drink called the “Chmcl Str8jckt.” Band founder Kevin Snell continues, “During the first half of the song, the main character is comparing The Vulture (vodka) to religion… because it gives comfort and hope. In the second half, the main character is in a drunken frenzy, feeling godlike and quit manic. He is a terrible character.” The video had originally premiered on August 30.

Following up on the group’s self-titled 2017 debut album, WRTCHD THNGS was released on August 16 via Cleopatra Records. Stepping up their game from the debut, the band employed the production services of John Bechdel, best known for his work in such bands as MINISTRY, Fear Factory, PRONG, Killing Joke, Ascension of the Watchers, False Idols, and more; mastering the album was Maor Appelbaum.


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