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With a new album approaching its release date, darkwave trio Child of Night has unveiled its second single, titled “Son.” Drawing on themes of the debilitating and destructive effects experienced by those who blindly devote themselves to cults, the song showcases the band’s blend of analog synths, swirling guitars, and layered vocal melodies, all present in abundance on the forthcoming The Walls at Dawn; the video, co-directed by Caroline Angel and producer James Quinn provides a visual accompaniment that follows a cult leader using his power over others, causing them to commit heinous acts without question. Following the “Unafraid” single, the video for “Son” made its September 3 premiere on CVLT Nation, with the release of The Walls at Dawn to take place on September 26. Pre-orders for the album are now available via Bandcamp in digital, CD, vinyl, and cassette formats.



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