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Hailing from Chicago, IL, THEYRGY presents a noisy blend of post-punk, industrial, and shoegaze influences on the upcoming debut EP, Exit Strategies; formed in early 2018, the quartet of John Doyle (I Decline, 13 Flowers), John E. Bomher (Yakuza, Iklatus), Michael Fabiano, and Tony Hooper formed the EP from single improvisational session. With the exception of “Hiding Your Face in the Wall,” which was mixed by Sanford Parker (Mirrors of Psychic Warfare, Black Magnet, Voivod), Exit Strategies was produced and mixed by THEYRGY, with Kathleen Keane (Gaelic Storm, Drovers) contributing to “Dreamcatcher.” The EP is due for release on August 21 via the Dead Sage imprint; created by THEYRGY with several associates from bands like I Klatus and Lair of The Minotaur, the label stems from the members’ frustration with the music industry, seeking more organic and realistic solutions to reach a greater audience. Similarly, the band’s goals are to “radiate light from within the dark spaces resonating inside and outside the listener,” channeling internal chaos into a more meaningful “re-enchantment of the world.” Mastered by Josh Bonati and with cover art created by Mirek Iskra, pre-orders for Exit Strategies are available via Bandcamp in CD and digital formats.


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