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Following the June release of the Away single, Emileigh Rohn has unveiled her second single release with COP International, titled Are You Okay?. Like the previous single, “Are You Okay?” sees Rohn collaborating with renowned musician/producer John Fryer, who also co-wrote the track, with the song marking the second hint of the upcoming full-length album, Missed the Noise; released on August 7, Are You Okay? includes remixes of the title track by the likes of Stabbing Westward, Jean-Marc Lederman, Third Realm, Glass Apple Bonzai, Unitcode:Machine, and Loveless Love’s Shawn Brice, along with a remix of B-side track “Knocking” by Acclimate.

Stating that he was immediately drawn into the song and Rohn’s vocals and lyrics, Stabbing Westward’s Christopher Hall states that “I heard a different soundtrack to the scene that was playing in my head, something that matched the fragility of the vocal, but also grew to greater intensity to capture the extremes of the feelings,” a process Hall calls “fun and cathartic.” Similarly, Lederman comments that he sought a more ominous ambient style that would draw the listener further into Rohn’s vocals, calling it “a vehicle for sadness and sorrow but also, compassion and someone opening its heart to the pain of a fellow human.”
Are You Okay? is available digitally on Bandcamp, with Missed the Noise due for release later in 2020. Rohn, Fryer, Hall, Brice, and SLam all recently participated in the “Troops of Tomorrow” benefit single from COP label mates Deathline International, also released on August 7.


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