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Having signed to COP International and with a full-length album on the way, Detroit based musician Emileigh Rohn has unveiled a new track from her electro/industrial project Chiasm. As the title track and lead single to her new EP, “Away” features Rohn collaborating with celebrated musician/producer John Fryer (Black Needle Noise); stating that both the label and Fryer “really knew what I needed,” Rohn explains that the speed with which she and Fryer created Away resulted in a more accessible sound than her previous works, “so there wasn’t a lot of room for total introspection and intense analysis, which is unusual for me.” Although she has in the past worked with the likes of Attrition, Jean-Marc Lederman, :10: and Third Realm, all of her past releases as Chiasm have been written, performed, and produced entirely by Rohn, further making the Away EP a “new adventure” for the artist; named for the crossing of optic neurons in the brain that allow people to have continuous and peripheral vision, Chiasm’s music is dedicate to her full-time careeer as a scientist. The Away EP also features remixes of the title track by Interface, GW4, and Skydeck, along with a remix of “Frantic” by :10:; the full-length album, Missed the Noise is expected to be released later in 2020.



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