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Ellia Bisker and Jeff Morris – the duo collectively known as Charming Disaster – has announced details for a new full-length album, titled Our Lady of Radium. Past records by the gothic/folk duo have focused on esoteric elements of the occult, mysticism, as well as classic Americana and true crimes in the country’s storied history; however, Our Lady of Radium focuses on various elements in the life and research of Marie Curie, a scientist who was the recipient of two Nobel Prizes – the first and, to date, only woman to do so – for her pioneering research on radioactivity and chemistry. The conception of this project dates back to 2017 when the band was awarded an artist residency by Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology in Bellaire, MI, with recording finally beginning in early 2020 when the circumstances of the pandemic prevented Bisker and Morris from pursuing their initial plan; using Bisker’s vacant parental home as a studio, the pair performed all vocals and instrumentation without a backing band, as well as utilizing the natural sounds of the house. Chapters in Marie Curie’s life that Charming Disaster presents on the album’s nine songs include the romantic and professional bond between her and husband Pierre, the ancient folklore of the mountains where radioactive ores were mined, and the tragedies of Pierre’s death, and the female factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning from using radium-based paint – the so called “Radium Girls.”

With a cover painting depicting Marie Curie created by Susan Saas, Our Lady of Radium is available now for pre-order in digital, CD, and vinyl formats via Bandcamp, with a release date of March 4. The album follows up on the Summer 2019 release of Spells + Rituals, with Charming Disaster releasing six standalone singles in the interim between albums.


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