Sep 2020 25

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Parisian industrial/hop-hop trio Chaos E.T. Sexual has released a new single and video for “1674-Now: Many Thousand Gone” from the band’s upcoming third album, Only Human Crust. The track condemns the horrors of the Atlantic slave trade, with the titular 1674 referring to the beginnings of the brutal triangular trade. Samples of the gospel song “The Storm Is Passing Over” performed by the Detroit Mass Choir rise through a plaintive wail of guitar before darker, mechanical trancelike sounds join the lyrics from a slave chant “No More Auction Block.” French videography team Eqko’s accompanying video reveals a flickering hellscape populated by vaguely human forms, which grow more identifiably human before giving way to the machinery of modern industrial farming.

Only Human Crust is due out November 20 on the Chien Noir label in digital, CD, and double-LP formats; pre-orders are available now on Bandcamp, with the album now listed as a name-your-price item. The previous single, “La Française Des Jeunes” has been released in digital and limited edition cassette formats.


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