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With the recent rebranding of FiXT comes a new compilation to celebrate the installation of the independent label’s electro/industrial and future rock imprint, FiXT Radium. Released on July 30 and showcasing 13 tracks from the sub-label’s roster, including Soul Extract, NUTRONIC, Voicians, and Raizer, FiXT Radium: Nova is not only a mission statement but also an exploration of the genre’s collaborative spirit – the collection not only features the “Your Lies Are Like Fire” single by Julien-K and The Anix, but also the new “Resist” single from Void Chapter, which features FiXT founder Klayton under his Celldweller moniker. Calling the demo for the song “epic, heavy, and diverse,” Klayton approached the band about contributing vocal ideas, stating that he is “honored” to be part of it; similarly, Void Chapter states that the band was “stoked to have worked with the one and only Celldweller on the concept and vocal production of this absolute onslaught of a song,” which features distorted industrial synths, 8-string guitars, and cinematic breakdowns for a sound the group describes as “full throttle” and “brutal.” The track is available to purchase separately or as part of the Nova compilation on Bandcamp, while a lyric video can be viewed on YouTube; an instrumental mix of the compilation is also available.



In addition, Elliot Willoughby has unleashed the “Noctua” single under his Glacier moniker, also released on July 30 via the FiXT Noir sub-label. Showcasing the artist’s experimental drum & bass style and marking what he calls his heaviest outpuet yet, the song presents themes of being mindful of one’s surroundings and situations, not dwelling on the past, drawing inspiration “by the contest between Athena and Poseidon to claim Athens.” As such, Glacier presents the myth from the perspective of the Athenians had the olive tree never appeared; “they’re left with only Poseidon’s saltwater,” he continues, “longing/praying for what they would’ve gotten.”


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