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Carrion and Morgue VVitch have each pursued their own paths of blackened electronics and darkly ambient textures; now, those paths have converged with “Anti-Static,” the first single from Carrion’s upcoming Hell Above Heaven Below. Written by Hide Tepes, he explains that the “borderline desperation portrayed through the lyrics of this track is a fitting introduction to where I’ve not only been, but in many ways, still am today,” the songs offering a more straightforward, less florid, and more human outlook than past Carrion material; while the preceding “There Is Only Hell” and “Mannequin” singles were to be featured on an album titled Covenant of the Reaper, Tepes states that this album has been shelved indefinitely, feeling the need to start from scratch. The single offers the track in two forms, with Morgue VVitch’s Tara Saavedra demonstrating her collaborative mettle on the Static Corpse remix; simply stating that Saavedra is “wonderful for sure,” Tepes hints at the possibility of the two working together in a live linup for potential U.S. dates. The single follows a long line of collaborations for Morgue VVitch, which have included the likes of Slighter, ΔLLICΘRN, Interface, and Ghost-Youth. The “Anti-Static” single was released today, May 12, via Produkt 42.


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