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Following the release of “The Blood Ov Saints” earlier this month, Norwegian industrial act Carrion continues a new stream of productivity with “The Tempest.” Available as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp, the song showcases a more rock-oriented side to founder and front man Hide Beliya’al, the track taking on the semblance of a hopeful ballad contrary to the darker, more nihilistic outlook of Carrion’s past output; he goes on to say in a recent interview with Viola Noir that “‘The Tempest’ is where my love for power ballads comes to light.”


Album CoverIn addition, Carrion has also revealed that both “The Tempest” and “The Blood Ov Saints” will be featured on the upcoming Testament Ov the Exile, the new full-length follow-up to 2019’s Iconoclasm. While the previous album had a more “stripped down and raw approach” with the incorporation of guitar-laden rock and metal influences, Beliya’al states that the new record will contain darker lyrical themes, touching on the cycles of rebirth, and an overall “more direct” approach.


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