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After the album’s initial independent release this past August, Brutal Resonance Records has announced that it will be reissuing Testament Ov the Exiled from Norwegian industrial act Carrion. The follow-up to the project’s 2019 Iconoclast record, this new edition will feature an additional five tracks to supplement the album; among them are three remixes of the first single “The Blood Ov Saints” created by Dead Agent, Decent News, and Vanity Kills, along with two new original tracks, “Dogs Ov Hell” and an alternative version of “To Eat Crow,” for a grand total of 15 tracks. The fledgling imprint comments that upon the first edition’s release, “Loyalists flocked to their upbringing, and now, we at Brutal Resonance find ourselves committed to the cult.” With a release date of January 18, 2021, the revised edition of Testament Ov the Exiled is available for pre-order now in digital and cassette formats on ; the original version of the album is also available via Carrion’s Bandcamp. As well, the label has also unveiled a music video for the track “Putting Tape Over Martyrs Mouths,” featuring Eddie LaFlash.



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