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Best known for his work with influential avant-garde rock group CAN, Irmin Schmidt has announced the release of a live album, titled Nocturne. Recorded during his performance at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2019, the album documents Schmidt’s first solo piano concert in the U.K., during which he premiered the “Klavierstück II” improvisational piece from his 2018 Klavierstücke V album, alongside the previously unheard compositions “Nocturne” and “Yonder.” The three pieces feature the artist combining partly prepared piano with pre-recorded ambient soundscapes, showcasing Schmidt’s classical education as a pianist, conductor, and composer, with the Klavierstücke V album recalling the teachings of John Cage; Schmidt elaborates that the sounds of church bells on “Yonder” is the result of viewing the burning of Notre Dame on live TV evoking his post-war childhood memories, stating that the sound makes him feel “strangely at home and secure.” Due for release on Schmidt’s 83rd birthday on May 29 via Mute and Spoon Records, Nocturne is now available for pre-order in CD and digital formats; the album will also be released in a double white etched vinyl edition limited to 1,000 copies.


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