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Gothic electro/punk trio Calling All Astronauts has released a new single and video, “Give Them a Leader,” via Supersonic Media. Mixed by Grammy Award winning producer Alan Branch (NIN, U2, Depeche Mode), the single comes from the band’s upcoming album, #Resist, due out June 5. About the album, the band states, “In a time when racists, fascists, xenophobes, homophobes, nationalists, and any other lowlifes you care to imagine seem to feel empowered by populist politicians, we have become increasingly angry, and we’ve channelled that anger into making this record.”

Founded in 2013 by former members of rap/metal act US:UK J Browning and David B, the group released its Post Modern Conspiracy debut before being joined by fellow US:UK alumni Paul McCrudden, who had joined goth/rockers The Marionettes in the interim. Calling All Astronauts has hit the number one slot on Hype Machine’s Twitter Music Chart five times, and has opened for groups including Pop Will Eat Itself and APTBS.


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