Jun 2020 23

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Crunch Pod and Auricle Media has unveiled the new full-length album from Broken Fabiola, marking the return of the darkly experimental project after a period of several years. Spearheaded by Manufactura’s Karloz.M, With Thoughts of Empty Echos, She Turned was written over a period of three years in Hollywood, showcasing the artist’s darker, more dynamic influences – blending elements of dark ambient, IDM, melodic darkwave, and rhythmic industrial noise. A number of gnotable uests appear on the album, including Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Architect), Jamie Blacker (ESA), Jeff Swearengin (Sleep Clinic, Rhys Fulber), Stevin Kerpics (Recon), Amoreena Stout (Dreamscape Invocation), Lynette Ríos Padilla (Farmblood), and Zoya Heban (Digital.Rape); as well, several tracks feature lyrics adapted by the literary works of Leonora Carrington and Aleister Crowley. With Thoughts of Empty Echos, She Turned was released on June 20, and can be purchased digitally via Bandcamp.



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