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Friday, July 8 saw the release of “Apathy,” the latest single from North Carolina electro and industrial/rock act Brighter Than a Thousand Suns. Written, produced, performed, and mixed entirely by the duo of Angelika and Randy Roswell, the song is the latest in a long series of standalone singles following the band’s 2018 Rebirth EP; of its lyrical themes, Randy explains that “‘Apathy’ addresses the indifference and misanthropy you can feel when faced with some of popular culture’s banal enthusiasm for trendy toxic positivity and mediocrity… or just simply complain about it.” Furthermore, he describes the track as the band’s rendition of “the playful side of Nine Inch Nails,” combined with a fresh and down-tuned take on the late ’80s WaxTrax! sound; in a similar fashion, the accompanying music video recalls the guerilla filmmaking techniques of director Eric Zimmerman and H-Gun Labs, filmed and edited by the band as a contrast to the slick and cinematic productions of the modern era. As a departure from Brighter Than a Thousand Suns’ usual performance-based videos, Randy comments that “we noticed so much of the ’80s nostalgia that exists today with the prevalence of synthwave/retrowave (some of which we enjoy), the WaxTrax!/mid-’80s industrial/EBM side of things seems to be under-represented.” Although “Apathy” is not intended to signal a larger EP or full-length release, he concludes that he and Angelika plan to pursue more of these musical and visual elements in the band’s future releases. “Apathy” is available digitally via Bandcamp and Spotify.



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