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Angelika and Randy Roswell are maintaining their hot streak under the banner of Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, with today’s release of “What I Won’t Do.” This marks the band’s fifth standalone single of 2023, further showcasing the duo’s stylistic diversity with funky electronic bass lines, bright guitar and keyboard passages, and striking pop melodies taken right out of the ’80s playbook. Along with the song is the accompanying lyric video utilizing black & white footage shot by Yaroslav Shuraev depicting Japanese dancers in sunlit nature, the video shifting only momentarily to vibrant colors during the bridge. “What I Won’t Do” follows up on the “Monochrome” single in June and April’s “Break For You,” now available via Bandcamp and Spotify. 2023 also saw Brighter Than a Thousand Suns appearing on Celldweller’s Satellites (Remixed) album with a revision of “Baptized in Fire.”



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