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This past October saw the release of Brian Eno’s ForeverandEverNoMore, marking his first studio album in six years, and one in which he explored his capabilities as a singer more than ever before. Now, he has released “A Thought” as the first single from the forthcoming Forever Voiceless, an instrument edition of the critically acclaimed 2022 album. Removing the vocals from the original “Who Gives a Thought,” the new single, as well as the whole album, seeks to create a starkly dramatic yet delicate tone that echoes the subject matter that ForeverandEverNoMore centered on – our climate emergency. Written and produced by Eno, with additional production and contributions by Leo Abrahams, Forever Voiceless is due for release on April 21 as a digital deluxe, followed by a 2023 Record Store Day exclusive release the following day in a crystal clear colored vinyl with eco packaging. CD, black vinyl, and clear vinyl editions of ForeverandEverNoMore are available via Eno’s webstore.


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