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Following a long period of silence, electro/industrial band Brainclaw will be releasing a new album, the long awaited Deceptor. This marks the first new release from the band since 2006’s Dead Monsters, with founder David Giuffre calling this the third in a trilogy that first began with the 2004 InsektAngel album; originally slated for release in 2012, Deceptor was ultimately shelved due to the the dissolution of the core duo of Giuffre and Tara Lessard. In the interim, Giuffre has been focused on his family, while Lessard focused on her career as a health services coordinator, photographer, and activist for the LGBTQ community.
Lessard succumbed to cancer in December 2019 after a long battle, with Giuffre stating, “Tara’s recent death really ignited a fire under me to finally get the album out so that I may honor her contribution and start a new chapter musically.” The final version of Deceptor features 11 new tracks, as well as the Larval remix of “Downsect,” with Brainclaw commenting that the new album signals “the end of one era and the beginning of another.” With Giuffre also having served as a member of Carfax Abbey, the album features contributions from his band mates bassist Noel Conklin, guitarist John Ruszin III, and vocalist Gary Billings.
Deceptor is due for digital release via the band’s own Auroviral imprint; the COVID-19 crisis has necessitated a delay in order for the album to be available on all high-level distribution outlets, with the band creating a Deceptor mini-page with snippets to preview in the meantime. Several of the album’s tracks – like “Downsect,” “Tryst,” “Matte Black Smile,” and “Treason” – had been released in demo form in the years prior to InsektAngel.


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