Nov 2018 15

Blue Stahli to release deluxe edition of 2011 debut album
More than seven years after its initial release, the debut album from electro/rock artist Blue Stahli has been made available for the first time on limited edition vinyl. Available for pre-order now with a digital release date of November 27, the new dobule-vinyl deluxe version of the self-titled album features rare bonus tracks, along with remixes by XINA, Entropy Zero, and FiXT label mate Celldweller. As well, the album contains acoustic renditions of “Scrape” and “ULTRAnumb,” both created out of the Bret Autrey’s love of “the presentation of an idea in its more raw form.” He further states, “Ever since doing an acoustic version of ‘Scrape,’ I fell in love with the idea of taking the heaviest, most abrasive songs and translating them to their pure form of songwriting, or even injecting them with a bit more of a delicate touch than distortion and hostility.” The acoustic version of “ULTRAnumb” also sees Autrey experimenting with the arrangement, “experimenting with cellos and a chamber orchestra vibe that I haven’t really had represented in any other song before.” The Blue Stahli debut album was originally released on March 2, 2011, with “ULTRAnumb” becoming a hit single that garnered nearly 75-million music and video streams.




Blue Stahli
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
Website, Webstore, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
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