Nov 2020 19

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Post-industrial duo Blokowisko has announced the release of a full-length debut album on the Polish independent Requiem Records label. Drawing on Polish/Soviet and western ’80s post-punk, Płonie is intended as a narrative to be listened to as a whole, with the digital version available via Bandcamp and a CD digipak edition available on the label’s website. The second track, “Zgiełk” features contributions by Julek Płoski, known as the creator of new Polish electronica and founder of the glamour label, while Blokowisko consists of Maciej Jurga (Opus Elefantum, Vysoke Celo) and Cezary Zieliński (Opus Elefantum, under the pseudonym spopielony); the band’s previous self-titled demo was released by Dreamland Syndicate in 2018 and is available as a name-your-price item on Bandcamp, while the standalone “Zaraza” single and music video was released in May of this year.


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