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More than a year since the release of To Touch the Milky Way, darkwave act Black Tape For a Blue Girl has released a music video for the album track “In My Memories.” Conceived and edited by band leader and Projekt Records founder Sam Rosenthal and shot over the course of two years, this marks the first new music video from Black Tape in six years; described as a “rumination on the passing of time, nostalgia, regret and loss,” the video stars Dan Von Hoyel (Harmjoy, Titans) and model and non-binary pornstar Mercy West (who also appears on the cover and artwork for To Touch the Milky Way). Rosenthal has released a detailed recounting of the song’s origins and the creation of the video on his blog.

As Rosenthal explains, “It’s a character’s first person narrative thinking back to the summer when he was 23 and enjoying a nothing-special – and yet everything-so-special – afternoon with his lover.” Commenting on the raw emotions Von Hoyel brought to his performance, Rosenthal continues, “How often do you see men cry in TV or film? In our culture, men are considered weak when they show feelings other than anger. It’s still not common for them to tear up and display their heartache or sorrow. I like that we captured that.” Stating the he likes what the story tells him, Rosenthal concludes, “I like the moods, the nostalgia, the moments of feeling on the character’s faces.”
The twelfth studio album from Black Tape For a Blue Girl, To Touch the Milky Way was released on October 26, 2018 and is available now in CD, digital, and limited edition vinyl formats via Bandcamp and the Projekt Records webstore. A new two-disc expanded edition of the band’s third album, 1989’s Ashes In the Brittle Air, is currently in the works.


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