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Black Tape For a Blue Girl’s Sam Rosenthal has joined forces with Aarktica’s Jon DeRosa for an album that merges their ethereal brands of darkwave, titled Eating Rose Petals. Although having a long association of 30 years after DeRosa’s earlier projects opened for artists on Rosenthal’s Projekt imprint, this album marks the two veterans’ first collaboration, released on November 25 with two of the album’s three extended tracks mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage; the second track, the original recording of the title track by Aarktica that appeared on the 2019 MAREACIÓN album, was mastered by Taylor Dupree at 12K. DeRosa explains that he and Rosenthal reconnected after having been out of communication for almost two decades, stating that the album’s opening track, “Fleeting Rose Petals” perfectly captured the essence of the duo’s respective talents as it features Rosenthal processing and manipulating elements of the original track, including backwards recordings and new wordless melodies; the third track, “Valley of the Roses” is a reworking of the song’s intro, with additional electronics by Rosenthal. Eating Rose Petals is available digitally via Bandcamp as a name-your-price item.


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