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Black Sugar Transmission, the electro/rock outlet of guitarist/producer Andee Blacksugar, has announced that 2020 will see the release of three new albums, the first of which, Wandering Into the Bullseye is slated to appear in February 2020. Lyrically focusing on themes of about the cultural zeitgeist and the debilitating effects of living life through the lens of social media, Wandering Into the Bullseye marks the first time since 2011’s Dance Music 4 Haters that Blacksugar has taken on production and performance duties entirely on his own with no outside collaborators; this album, along with the future entries in the trilogy, features songs culled from over 170 ideas Blacksugar generated in the year between summer 2018 and summer 2019. “Don’t Blame the Horse” will be the record’s first single, to be released with an accompanying music video in the coming weeks.
Besides Black Sugar Transmission, the New York City based musician has performed guitar duties for goth/rock and post-punk icon Peter Murphy, recently appeared on the Body Stuff 3 EP from fellow NYC act Body Stuff, and is the most recent addition to the lineup of Ultra Heavy Beat pioneers KMFDM, having toured with the band on the 2017 Hell Yeah Tour and performing guitars and co-writing several songs on the 2019 PARADISE album. His most recenty release under the Black Sugar Transmission moniker was the 2018 Overkill tribute album, on which he re-created in his own style the titular sophomore outing from thrash/metal legends Motörhead.


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