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New York post-punk act Black Rose Burning has released “Fight!” as the final single from the forthcoming AD Astra album, with the song now available to stream via Bandcamp. Mastered by Jason Corbett (ACTORS) at Jacknife Sound, the song follows the perspective of a person in an unhappy relationship, drawing parallels to being in the midst of battle; having given up on the relationship, yet lacking the will to end it, Black Rose Burning founder George Grant states, “there are many reasons why this happens, from loyalty to fear of being alone to sometimes even selfishness. It’s painful to realize that your belief in someone/something that you once felt had so much promise and potential has deteriorated to the point that you have no choice but to let it all go.”

“Fight!” follows “Night Terrors” and “Sing to Me (E.L.E.),” with AD Astra to arrive on Friday, September 15, in digital and CD formats. This marks the third full-length effort from Black Rose Burning after 2020’s The Year of the Scorpion and 2021’s The Wheel; 2022 saw the band releasing a remix accompaniment to “Under Twin Suns” from the aforementioned debut.


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