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Continuing to push the collaborative and creative spirit of the project, musician/producer John Fryer has released the latest single from Black Needle Noise, along with an accompanying music video. Featuring violinist Meredith Yayanos and vocalist Attasalina, “Machine” marks the first material from the collective in 2021, following the “Nocturnal” single released in December of 2020. Of his collaborators on the track, Fryer states, “It’s taken a while to find the right song for Attasalina so we could collaborate again,” she having appeared on the “Messages By Dreams” single released in 2016 and later that year featured on Black Needle Noise’s full-length debut Before the Tears Came; Fryer also comments, “It’s always a pleasure working with Attasalina, and it’s been great having Meredith Yayanos on board this time around playing violin on the track, adding another dimension.”
The vocalist shares the sentiment, calling her collaboration with Fryer “a rewarding journey from inspiration to fruition.” Written and recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, refers to the song’s themes as “inspired by distant memories of a future untold, a future that we find ourselves living in now,” while also commenting that Yayanos’ violins infuse the song “with a heart-rending beauty.” As well, Yayanos calls Attasalina a kindred spirit, and that it was “an honor and a delight” to work with Fryer, having long been a fan of his work. Perhaps best known as the vocalist for The Seraphim Rising, Attasalina also worked with celebrated guitarist Daniel Ash on “The Soldiers of Everyday” in 2010; in addition to the song’s vocals, Attasalina also created the music video fopr “Machine.” Yayanos is also an accomplished vocalist and thereminist, having been a member of The Parlour Trick and working with the likes of Revue Noir, The Dresden Dolls, and David J on his 2014 allbum An Eclipse of Ships.

Released as a digital EP via Bandcamp, “Machine” is presented in various remixes created by the likes of Sick Jones, Soman, London DJ Samantha Togni, Blackcarburning’s Mark Hockings, and Stabbing Westward’s Christopher Hall. “Machine” marks the first Black Needle Noise release as part of the COP International artist roster; with Fryer working closely with the eminent label, COP founder Christian Petke calls it “some of his finest work” and that “to say it is an honor to represent Black Needle Noise on COP International is an understatement.


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