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Since the band made its live debut as part of Phil “Phildo” Owen’s SXSW showcase in March 2019, demand for Black Needle Noise to conduct further live performances has been growing. Now, the music collective headed by producer/musician John Fryer will meet that demand with a series of three live shows in September, all to take place in the band’s home of Los Angeles on what is “cheekily called The World Tour of Hollywood.” With Fryer on guitar, the band lineup will feature drummer Sean Haezebrouck, along with a bevy of vocal talents, including Becca Schack, Angela Piccard, and Betty X, who sang at the SXSW showcase and on the “Social Media Disease” single; the three L.A. shows will precede the band’s planned December dates in Chile, with tickets and additional information to be found via the Black Needle Noise website. Additionally, the band’s merch table will include a pre-sale for the upcoming vinyl release of Lost In Reflections, due for release on October 13. The album was the second full-length release from Black Needle Noise, featuring the talents of Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly), Jennie Vee (Hole), Ana Breton (Dead Leaf Echo), Omniflux (Puscifer), Mimi Page (Delerium), and more; the album is available digitally via Bandcamp, as well as the most recent release, “Seed of Evil,” which features Raymond Watts (<PIG>, KMFDM). On August 28, Torched Magazine premiered a “rockumentary” video chronicling the band’s debut at SXSW.




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