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Black Magnet premieres new single from upcoming album
Hailing from Los Angeles by way of Oklahoma City, goth/industrial act Black Magnet has announced the release of a new single via the band’s own Velvet Glov imprint, titled “Trustfucker.” Stating the single to be a move toward deeper concepts of cosmic self-reflection, mortality, and heightened awareness, Black Magnet founder James Hammontree comments that the band is in “a more complex place, sonically and emotionally.” Following up on the band’s self-titled debut EP released in March 2018, “Trustfucker” is available now via Bandcamp as a $2.00 item with half of the sales to be donated to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention hotline focused especially on the LGBTQ community. “I have been friends and played music with a handful of close trans friends over the years,” Hammontree states, “and seen a huge amount of courage and inspiration in them, but with that a big sense of hopelessness and self doubt in certain times.” Expressing that he considers The Trevor Project to be among the best peer reviewed and relevant organizations dealing with these issues, he continues, “I have dealt with suicide, though not in the same way, and I always have had people to call and people to help and want everyone to know that.”

Although the “Trustfucker” single acts as the first taste of the band’s upcoming full-length album, Black Magnet emphasizes that this single mix will differ significantly from the final version; written, produced, mixed, mastered, and performed entirely by Hammontree, he comments, “Most of the sounds between the drum machine and synths were built and programmed from the ground up, giving it a new and fresh and organic intricacy.” The album, titled Hate Prism, will contain nine tracks – including “Trustfucker” – and is currently being recorded with musician/producer Sanford Parker (Mirrors of Psychic Warfare) at Decades Studio in Chicago. Black Magnet also plans to conduct a full tour of the U.S. in fall of 2019.


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