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As one of the most revered side projects in the annals of electro/industrial, the return of Noise Unit in 2021 with the release of Deviator was met with great anticipation and adulation. Now, Bill Leeb has announced a new album under the moniker, further pursuing proto-techno and EBM rhythms with a more melodic and atmospheric sensibility, while also continuing to honor the memory of late friend, bandmate, and veritable electronic genius Jeremy Inkel; with the lush ambient swells and percolating beats of underscoring a mournful yet energetic vocal melody, “Alone Again” features elements first written and recorded by Inkel prior to his untimely passing in January of 2018. The song acts as the first single from the forthcoming Cheeba City Blues, named as an overt reference to William Gibson’s Neuromancer – just as the novel introduced ideas intrinsic to what we now call cyberpunk, Leeb and Inkel explore those facets in auditory form, with Cheeba City Blues due for release on October 21 via Artoffact Records. Pre-orders for the album in digital, CD, and vinyl formats can be found on Bandcamp.


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