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BILE has certainly lived up to its name over the years as Christoph “Krztoff” Liggio and his compatriots have been equally revered and reviled for their particularly abrasive brand of electrified industrial/metal. Today’s release of Pot Farmer, Vol.2 marks the first full-length offering from the band since 2013’s Built to Fuck, Born to Kill, with Krztoff tapping into virtually every facet of his mangled musical mind to present what he describes as “what pop music sounds like in hell.” From the cocky swagger of “Marshall Stacks (Build a Wall)” to the saccharine melodies of “Holiday” to the rhythmic grit and grime of “Disintegration Day” and the title track, BILE leaves no stylistic stone undefiled, with band mate Roger Ebner (Bitter Elixir, Pigface) adding his own “ugly horn” touch. Also present on the album is an ’80s metal rendition of the 2020 “Children of the Gun” single, as well as an outtake mix from the band’s 1994 SuckPump debut. Released today, August 15, Pot Farmer, Vol.2 follows the Sharks and Covid, Vol.1 EP released in May of 2021, now available digitally via Bandcamp.


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