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Dark/rock collective Beauty in Chaos has presented a new music video for the track “The Long Goodbye (Au Revoir),” the fourth single off of the Beauty Re-Envisioned release this past July. Making its premiere on JammerZine, the video presents a stylistic departure from the band’s previous videos, demonstrating a more subdued and somber tone befitting the song’s themes of loneliness and “letting go” and this rendition’s stripped down arrangement of strings, piano, guitar, and the voice of Wayne Hussey (The Mission); the original version of the song was featured in a more straightforward and rockier version on the 2018 Finding Beauty in Chaos debut. According to founder and guitarist Michael Ciravolo, the video’s concept stemmed from the image of Hussey in a room with a black piano, the visuals of the mannequin guitarist and orchestral performers resulting from a visit to Prop Heaven in Burbank, CA – “They had a few on display there dressed in black evening gowns, which sparked the idea to me to have them ‘transform’ into real people; sort of ‘sci-fi’ now that I think about it.”

As with the group’s previous videos, “The Long Goodbye (Au Revoir)” was directed by Vicente Cordero of Industrialistm Films, with editing by Leslie Gladney. The video shows Hussey playing the piano, originally performed on the recording by Lola Bates – daughter of producer/composer Tyler Bates – and featuring string arrangements by Michael Rozon, who played the live drums on the original version; as well, Tish Ciravolo, who performed the electric bass on the electric version, is shown playing the harp in the video. “I think the ‘Au Revoir’ version shows that a good song stands,” Ciravolo comments, “even in a simpler, more organic form.” The original electric version also featured backup vocals by Ashton Nyte (The Awakening) and Evi Vine, both of whom are supporting Hussey on varying dates of his current Salad Daze Tour.



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