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There seems to be no slowing down for Michael Ciravolo as he prepares for the next chapter of his dark/rock collective Beauty in Chaos with the group’s impending sophomore full-length album, The Storm Before the Calm. As the first taste of what the album has to offer, the band presents “The Delicate Balance of All Things,” featuring The Mission front man Wayne Hussey, who has been enjoying a fruitful collaboration with Beauty in Chaos since the preceding Finding Beauty in Chaos debut; Hussey explains that the song stemmed from the third track sent to him for the upcoming record, stating that “Despite the piece of music being very angular and broken into essentially three sections – all in different keys – the challenge for me was finding a vocal melody that sounds like it stays in the same key.” As Ciravolo comments that his goal for the new record is to be “a bit darker and brooding,” Hussey met the challenge by singing in a lower register, going on to say that “of the five tracks I’ve been involved in with BIC, this new one is my favorite, being closer to my spirital home.” A music video for the track has been released, directed by Vincente Cordero and edited by Leslie Gladney for Industrialiasm Films.

Hussey had previously sang on the tracks “Man of Faith” and “The Long Goodbye” on Finding Beauty in Chaos, peforming a more subdued and orchestral rendition of the latter track on the subsequent Beauty Re-Envisioned remix album, as well as a cover of “20th Century Boy” with Rolan Bolan, son of T-Rex’s Marc Bolan; Hussey’s vocals are also featured on the “Darknesses” remix/mash-up by DJ Kitty Lectro. Both albums are available to purchase via Bandcamp, with The Storm Before the Calm due for release on February 21 via 33.3 Music Collective; aiding Ciravolo in the producer’s chair was once again Grammy nominee Michael Rozon, who also performed bass and synths on “The Delicate Balance of All Things,” while Dirk Doucette handled drumming duties.


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