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After a long period of silence, electronic duo Basic Pleasure Model has returned with the long awaited release of three new singles via YouTube, with “Surrender” and “Outside” appearing in March, and “Ephemeral” released on June 11. Now, the band unveiled a new music video for the latter track, a vibrant and sensual melange of idyllic sun-drenched seaside imagery upon which the duo’s chilled out style plays as soundtrack. Of the video, the band stats, “May it transport you to somewhere better, somewhere in the slipstream, in these dark times.”

After the dissolution of acclaimed techno/electronic group Psykosonik in the late ’90s, Paul Sebastien joined forces with Wideband Network’s Caesar Filori to form Basic Pleasure Model in the early ’00s. The introductory singles – 2003’s “Sunyata” and “How to Live” the following year – along with an active online presence that included live shows, livestreams, and snippets of the recording process ultimately resulted in the band going quiet after the release of the “Evil Thing” single; outside of music, Sebastien is a family man and successful businessman, while Filori has been active in the gaming industry working for the likes of Electronic Arts, Nintendo, and Oculus. As stated, this year saw the pair returning to make music under the Basic Pleasure Model moniker, with all of the band’s past and current material (minus “Evil Thing”) available to stream on YouTube.


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