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Celebrated for his blend of jazzy and cinematic audio noir, Barry Adamson has announced the release of a new EP, titled Steal Away. Written and recorded by Adamson at the Murkyworld / Jupiter studios in London and Brighton, the creation of the EP coincides with the writing of the composer’s memoir, with Adamson explaining that “The book is the past, the record is the past present,” and that he “needed to write it to get through the book, to stay present.” Titled Up Above the City, Down Beneath the Stars, the memoir is written in Adamson’s signature noir style, its explorations of his past and his personality as riddled with jazzy and cinematic fervor as his music; as any good memoir is filled with tales both tragic and humorous, he goes on to say that the Steal Away EP became an integral part of the book’s writing process, the songs acting as “a further exploration of myself, the man outside, taking country jazz and blues idioms as the language.” Adding to its psychedelic ambience is artwork by Mark Reynolds and the (literally) flowery video for “Broken Moments” by Jeffrey Courtney.

Book CoverThe Steal Away EP is due for release on November 5 via Mute Records, while Up Above the City, Down Beneath the Stars will appear on September 30 via Omnibus Press; pre-orders for the book in hardcover and a limited edition deluxe box set are now available, with the latter including posters, art prints, a 7-inch single of new and rare covers, and a golden ticket to win the Squier bass gifted to Adamson by Nine Inch Nails member Atticus Ross. Adamson will be conducting a series of book readings and signings throughout the U.K. in autumn to promote the book and EP, with a full listing of dates available via his website. Steal Away marks Adamson’s first musical release since the 2018 Memento Mori anthology.


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