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Following the auspicious and well received release of her Pandora’s Box debut in 2020, dark electro-pop sensation BARA HARI – the project of Sam Franco – has unveiled a new single, titled “Weapon.” Written, produced, and recorded by the Los Angeles artist, the song deals with the pyschological and physical abuses women endure at the hands of men in positions of power, drawing particularly on her own experiences in the music industry. With engineering assistance by her partner Ian Flux (Fact Pattern) at Monican Audio and mastering by Brent Vallefuoco at Hear No Evil Studio, Franco offers the song as an anthem of perseverance for women to stand defiantly against these abuses and exploitations – as the lyrics state, “Your reign of blood will go no more,” and “Time’s up.”

The “Weapon” single was released on March 5 and is available to purchase via Bandcamp, with the corresponding music video having made its premiere via Spill Magazine. Conceived, edited, and directed by Franco with lighting and cinematography by Flux, the video references the imagery of the Quentin Tarantino two-part action blockbuster Kill Bill, with the artist also designing the costuming, makeup, and hair styling based on the characters of Bellatrix and Gogo; calling herself a “big fan of movies,” BARA HARI expresses her adoration for the protagonist in the duology as not “the usual damsel in distress, but as a woman who takes care of business and exacts her revenge on those who wronged her.”


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