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A longtime fixture in the West Coast punk and hardcore scenes throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Kira Roessler has announced the release of her long-awaited self-titled solo album. More than a showcase for her formidable and ferocious bass playing, KIRA presents the artist in all facets of her personality – in her words, “Bass player first and foremost – this is just who I am. Then a sound editor, dog mom, loving wife, and loner.” As such, each of the album’s 10 tracks was written and sung entirely by Roessler, their themes revolving around what she calls the simple goal to “express my inner essence and hope that others might feel a bit of their own by listening.” Co-produced by her brother Paul Roessler, KIRA is due for release on October 19 via Kitten Robot Records, with “The Ghosts” acting as the album’s first single.
Kira Roessler first came to prominence after joining legendary hardcore/punk band Black Flag in 1983 after the band heard her performing with DC3; replacing founding member Chuck Dukowski, she would go on to record and perform live with the band until 1986, with Henry Rollins commenting that “She was a mere slip of a woman, but physical size really didn’t matter. She was in one of the most ferocious bands at the peak of violence in that scene in the ’80s.” As well, he priased her sophisticated and agile playing style in comparison to Dukowski’s. After graduating from U.C.L.A. in 1986, she formed Dos with fellow punk/rock bass luminary Mike Watt, which she says “shaped my bass playing sensibility as much as anything I have done.” She would later begin a career as a dialogue editor for such films as Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and Under the Tuscan Sun, and was part of the Oscar-winning sound editing team for Mad Max: Fury Road; she has also won Emmy Awards for her work on John Adams and Game of Thrones.


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