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Post-classical/ambient duo AVA has released a new single and video for “Resistance” off of the upcoming debut album Waves, due out July 12 on the One Little Indian label. Violinist Anna Phoebe and pianist Aisling Brouwer, both of whom are also composers for film and television, describe the collection of ambient violin and piano soundscapes as “an emotional oasis” created as a catharsis haven from the political turmoil of Brexit. “Resistance” is the pair’s interpretation of the struggle of transforming desperation into strength, with the plaintive cries of a violin punctuated by delicate and optimistic piano themes woven through the ebb and flow of a pulsating electronic cadence.

With band members Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer coming from mixed European backgrounds and having resided in several countries, the themes revolving around the Brexit referendum are further punctuated on the album, “the music became a search for common identity against a backdrop of uncertainty.” Phobe comments, “When Aisling and I started writing together, it was against this background of social and political turmoil – we were both trying to understand our identities within a country where we had built our lives.” Brouwer further states, “As someone who has always identified more as a European than with any one country, I was shocked by the Brexit vote. When I would go down to see Anna in Kent, we would often discuss it and the ways in which the world was changing. Then we would go into the studio to write, and escape into this musical world of ours where nothing else existed.” Waves is available for pre-order on vinyl, digital, and CD formats.


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