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March 21 saw the release of “The Oracle,” the debut single and video from industrial/rock duo Autopsy Club, which made its premiere on Metal Injection. Produced, recorded, and mixed by the band and mastered by Tom Baker, the song is the first indication of Autopsy Club’s devotion to sonic innovation by way of customized studio electronics such as modular wavetable oscillators, signal processing, and the blend of digital synthesis with analog filters, drawing heavily on the pair’s shared history in underground music. Formed in 2021 by ΞMBΞ and ɅBΞL, the band members work via file-sharing from different locations, calling their methods “the best kind” of chaos, “but we refine it into a cohesive song.”

ΞMBΞ is formerly a member of gothic and doom metal act A Pale Horse Named Death, which features former Type O Negative members Sal Abruscato and Johnny Kelly; he has also worked with such groups as Life of Agony, Uranium 235, and Seventh Void. ɅBΞL is formerly a member of machine rock legends 16volt, while Tom Baker is renowned for his work with such industrial/rock luminaries as MINISTRY, Static-X, Nine Inch Nails, Final Cut, Skrew, Acumen Nation, Haloblack, and more.
In addition to the single, Autopsy Club has made stems of “The Oracle” available to remixers, with plans already in place to release a hardstyle dance remix of “The Oracle” created by rising EDM producer The Buckness. The band promises more releases to come.


Autopsy Club
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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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  1. D says:

    Great song guys, looking forward to hearing more from you.

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