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After nearly four years, Tom Shear has announced his latest offering as Assemblage 23, titled Mourn. Further expanding the project’s electro/EBM scope and featuring the artist’s trademark blend of danceable yet melodic electronics with poignant emotional lyrics, the album showcases 10 brand new songs and will be released on September 11 via Metropolis Records in digital and CD formats. Additionally, a deluxe edition of Mourn – adding two new tracks, and eight remixes by the likes of Big Time Kill, Klack, Coldkill, [:SITD:], and Stoneburner to name a few – will also be available in a two-disc set, and a limited edition double-vinyl; the vinyl edition omits the remixes, but includes the two original songs and the digital version. Both the standard and deluxe editions of Mourn are available for pre-order via Bandcamp, as well as on the Assemblage 23 webstore. This marks the first release of new material from Assemblage 23 since 2016’s Endure; in the interim, Tom Shear also formed Helix with Mari Kattman, releasing the Twin album in August 2018, with a remix companion following in December of that year.


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