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After an unfortunate turn of events that resulted in the band becoming one of the many casualties of the PledgeMusic bankruptcy, Ascension of the Watchers announced in July that the band would at last release its long-awaited new album, titled Apocrypha, on October 9 via Dissonance Records. To precede the record’s release, the band now presents the opening single, “Ghost Heart,” along with a music video created by Brazilian animator Victor-Hugo Borges; originally offered to backers of the original PledgeMusic campaign, the song is described by vocalist Burton C. Bell as “powerfully mysterious,” going on to call the video “a surreal landscape for the cinematic tones that is the moving track ‘Ghost Heart.'” He also states that that “The song was recorded exactly the way I wanted it to sound.”

Apocrypha marks the culmination of over a decade of songwriting and recording, following the group’s 2008 Numinosum album and the 2004 Iconoclast debut EP. Founded by Fear Factory vocalist Burton C. Bell with regular collaborator and renowned musician/producer John Bechdel, the group was joined by U.K. solo artist Jayce Lewis, who shares the recording and production duties on the long-awaited sophomore album. Originally titled Stormcrow, the album’s PledgeMusic campaign raised 124% of its goal, only to never receive any of this funding due to the company’s bankruptcy; perseverance and persistence paid off with the band signing to Dissonance Records earlier this year, with pre-orders in CD and vinyl formats available via Plastic Head Megastore.


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