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While Fear Factory gave us the Soul of a New Machine, vocalist Burton C. Bell’s Ascension of the Watchers offers the “Soul without the Machine.” Founded by Bell with renowned musician/producer John Bechdel, and now with Jayce Lewis in the band’s ranks, Ascension of the Watchers has at long last announced the release of a new album, the group’s second full-length outing since 2008’s Numinosum; the October 9 release of Apocrypha marks the culmination of a decade of songwriting and recording, with the group now signed to Dissonance Records for its highly anticipated release. Of the band and its music, Bell states, “These are the sounds that resonate through my mind. These are the words that I speak in my dreams. These are the visions I experience throughout my unconsciousness.” Recorded, produced, and mixed by Lewis in his Northstone Studios in South Wales, Apocrypha was originally to be released under the title of Stormcrow, a conceptual worki based on the ancient Book of Enoch in the Dead Sea Scrolls; the album had received 124% of its funding goal via PledgeMusic campaign, only to become one of the many casualties of that company’s failed business practices, which resulted in bankruptcy and the album’s delay as the dedicated funds were never received by the band. Pre-orders for Apocrypha are available now in CD and vinyl formats via Plastic Head Megastore, with Ascension of the Watchers also planning “conceptualized touring.”


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