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Canadian imprint Artoffact Records has signed a multi-album deal with Siberian post-punk band Ploho as the group plans to release its fifth album later this year. Formed in 2013, the trio has become a leading voice in the recently dubbed new wave of Russian music, drawing inspiration from the late ’80s and early ’90s, blending Russian rock, post-punk, and new wave. After the release of Ploho’s 2019 album Пыль (Pyl), fellow Russian artists Molchat Doma, who were newly signed to Sacred Bones, approached the group for a collaboration, which resulted in the track “По краю острова,” now available on Bandcamp. The group was recently added to Apple Music’s Breaking Russian Rock playlist, and on June 17 premiered a video for “Горький опыт” exclusively on Post-Punk.com. Comprised of vocalist/guitarist Victor Uzhakov, bassist Andrei Smorgonsky, and keyboardist Igor Starshinov, the band’s sound is described by Artoffact as evocative of the “hopeful yet fearful era of the Soviet Union just before its collapse,” going on to say the band’s music is “eerily reflective of our own strange time as well.”


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