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Artoffact Records has announced the release of Hijacker, the posthumous solo album debut from musician/producer Jeremy Inkel. Having established himself onstage and in the studio with bands like Left Spine Down and Front Line Assembly, as well as contributing greatly to FLA side projects Delerium and Noise Unit, Inkel had been writing and recording his own material throughout his career, wrought with his signature blend of EBM, techno, and industrial experimentation; an autobiographical album, Hijacker‘s themes revolve around Inkel’s life as a touring musician – on the road, backstage, working late nights in a constant state of creativity and motion. Due out on November 6, Artoffact will be releasing the album in CD, vinyl, and streaming formats, with a portion of the proceeds from each sale to be donated to the Vancouver Food Bank; available to pre-order now via Bandcamp, the album track “I Don’t Need Your Money” can be streamed now.

Jeremy Inkel died in January 2018 from complications with asthma at the age of 34. Subsequently, Front Line Assembly released the WarMech video game soundtrack in June of that year, featuring Inkel’s final recordings with the band; additionally, he is credited with additional programming and co-songwriting on two tracks off the band’s 2019 album Waking Up the Coma. Hijacker marks his sole debut outing, releasing nearly three years after his passing; the label commented, “Artoffact Records is honored to have been chosen by the Jeremy Inkel estate as the label to represent Jeremy’s final artistic statement. It’s a huge responsibility that we shoulder with pride and humility. Rest in Peace.”


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