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After revisiting the band’s past with the reissue of the Н​о​в​о​с​т​р​о​й​к​и (New Buildings) debut earlier this year, along with the German rendition of the album’s title track, Ploho has announced what may prove to be the Siberian post-punk act’s most powerful effort yet. Continuing to draw inspiration from the frigidly inhospitable environment of their homeland in Novosibirsk, Siberia, the forthcoming Когда душа спит (When the Soul Sleeps) shows the trio of vocalist/guitarist Victor Uzhakov, bassist Andrei Smorgonsky, and keyboaridst Igor Starshinov delving further into the bleak yet upbeat melancholy for which Ploho has become known, while also making good on their growing international profile to overcome linguistic barriers and engage listeners around the world. The album’s first single, “Не будем прощаться” (“Let’s Not Say Goodbye”) was revealed on September 23, along with a corresponding music video directed by Sergei Padlov and shot by Mikhail Shishebarov. Когда душа спит is due for release on November 4 via Artoffact Records in digital, CD, and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available now on Bandcamp.



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