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Armalyte Industries signs Drownd, announces first of three EP releases in 2019
With the release of the band’s debut single and music video earlier this year, London industrial/rock act Drownd has been signed by eminent U.K. imprint Armalyte Industries for the release of the band’s highly anticipated debut EP, titled Sick LIke You, with plans to release an additional two EPs throughout the year. Stating that the band meets the label’s principles of making memorable, high quality music that #teamarmalyte is “totally into,” the label states, “We believe the addition of Drownd to Armalyte Records strengthens our already talented roster and puts industrial music, our reason to exist, into sharp focus for the label.”
Fronted by Joe Crudgington, Drownd made its debut in January 2019 with the “Sick Like You” single, which was intended to be part of a series that would lead to a full-length album; Crudgington had spoken of his intentions to incorporate more cinematic elements and eventually create a 20-30 minute concept video, along with live dates that would follow his relocation to Los Angeles. Of Drownd, Armalyte continues, “They are also the most comprehensively ambitious, for such a relatively new band. We’ve been amazed at the scope of their vision, which puts many, far more established, artists to shame.”
With the signing to Armalyte, the Sick Like You EP will feature remixes by new label mates Seething Akira and The Joy Thieves; it is due for release in April.


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