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Armalyte Industries announces new PIG remix album
Prominent U.K. industrial label Armalyte Industries has announced the release of Stripped & Whipped from the Lord of Lard, <PIG>. A remix companion to last year’s Risen, the album features 17 remixes from the likes of Cyanotic, The Birthday Massacre, Wiccid, Black Asteroid, GoFight, Evestus, and Tweaker, along with reinterpretations by Armalyte label mates like i!, Der Prosector, and Seething Akira. With a release date of March 22, pre-orders for the album in CD and digital formats are now available via Bandcamp, with three tracks now streaming as a preview of what porkly and perverted pleasures the album holds. Mastered by Jules Seifert and featuring photography by E Gabriel Edvy and artwork by Vlad McNeally, Stripped & Whipped follows hot on the heels of <PIG>’s The Wages of Sin single, released earlier in February as an engraved silver “hog tag” on 22-inch chain. In addition, <PIG>’s Raymond Watts is featured as a guest vocalist on “Pure Pollution,” the first single from HEART(less), the second album from industrial/rock collective REVillusion, released on February 14.




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Armalyte Industries
Website, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, YouTube
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