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More than four years since his last release under the moniker of Worms of the Earth, Dan Barrett has announced a new album, titled Kheri​-​Habet. With the title translating from the Egyptian “ẖrj-ḥꜣb” as “the careeier of the book of ritual,” the new record sees Barrett once again taking the dark ambient and industrial project into deeper levels of mysticism; serving as a direct sequel to 2019’s Netjer, Kheri​-​Habet, in the artist’s words, “distills a legion of ancient Egyptian funerary rites and revises them into eight sepulchral hymns to prepare and empower the listener for incorporeal travel into and within the realm of the Duat, the astral enclave where the ancient Egyptian deities reside.” From the album, “What the Gods Left Behind” and “The Ceremonial Adze (WPT-ER)” are available to preview on Bandcamp, where Kheri​-​Habet can be pre-ordered in digital and CD formats, including a special edition limited to 50 hand-numbered copies; the album is due for release on November 24 via Arcane Dirge. Earlier this year, Barrett also released the Glacialis Mundi via Winter-Light under the name of Aetherium Nebula.

Also due to arrive on November 24 via Arcane Dirge will be Etterath, the latest Subverge album from Swedish musician and label partner Henrik Karisson. As a member of Seven Trees, the album marks Karisson’s second released under the solo project, delving further into a more structured sound; picking up where the earlier Zechrum album left off, Etterath presents themes of profound melancholy in the depths of a tormented psyche, pursuing heavier martial percussion and darkly melodic ambient. With “Entering the Void” and “Subutex” available now to preview on Bandcamp, Etterath will also be released in digital and CD formats, the latter also appearing in a hand-numbered edition limited to 50 copies. Arcane Dirge is also offering a limited bundle of both CDs.


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Facebook, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Instagram
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